Don’t Try, Do! Your #NewYear #Resolution is #WorthIt

“Do or do not… there is no try.” ~ YODA

Luke: I can’t believe it. Yoda: That is why you fail.” 

In my current life journey I’m learning the meaning of “less is more”. I picked today’s quotes because it demonstrates this truth. I don’t know much, okay nothing, about Star Wars, except these simple but very profound words of Yoda. At the moment that the writer took on ‘Yoda’ to pen his dialogue I feel he channeled Wisdom.  No one has every said more with less words than Yoda.

Because the capitalistic American traits that taint my blood are real, I’ve long tried to hide my core belief that less is just…less. Who really wants less money, success, adventure? If you knew you could have, without fail, any or all of those things if you just opened your hands, who would honestly reject or object.  Truth be told, I think no one.

I found another gem of cinema this weekend, which is great for me given the low number of movies that I watch. The movie, “The Inevitable Defeat of Mister & Pete”, lifted up a different shade on this “less is more” moment. All summer, two young children chose to go through hell in an attempt to avoid the fear of a group home after losing their mothers to the streets. They knew the hell that they were experiencing. Why give the home a chance? Given the rumors, they stuck with the familiar of starvation, abuse, illness, loss of their electricity and hiding from the police. In the end they lost…everything…including their perception of freedom. But at the moment that they lost everything, they gained all they needed, including the main character regaining his mother who had cleaned up and was ready for better.

My take away from this is that in their spirit they didn’t understand that they were Worth It. ‘It’ being better. Every year people resolve to do things that will improve their life. Whether it’s improve their financial situation, get in shape, pursue their dreams – people will resolve and try, and joke in February about the failure of the attempt.  Failing your goal isn’t funny, you’re worth it. Stop trying, do it. Pressing to the goal is the only way to defy the odds and BE the person of your dream destiny. No matter what, you will reach your destiny. Whether or not it’s filled with regrets when you get there is up to you.

Just because you’re moving forward does not mean you’re moving in the right direction. This is the reason so many things we resolve fail. You see the vision of the prize and don’t stop long enough to chart the course or prepare. In the movie, Mister saw the prize as just staying free until his mom got back. Then, everything would be okay. His excuse was that he was just a kid. He didn’t know she’d be in jail so long or the wisdom of the streets. So his bridge to goal fell short. He had no real plan and was not prepared. He was worth everything being “okay”, but what he was doing to get there was all wrong.

You are (I am) worth the body, the success, the joy of life that you resolve to have. No matter how many times you’ve resolved the same things and failed to achieve them – those are the elements of your dream destiny.  The things that chop away at the bring are fear, lack of discipline for the sacrifice, unwillingness to look foolish in the eyes of others, no plan.

25 Million motivational speeches later – the only thing you need to know is that you are the key to open the door. Need a catch phrase: Alter your Attitude – Heighten you Altitude
Address yourself as though you were someone else that you love and DO. Even if it’s a little victory on the day. Forgive yourself for steps off path and get back on it. You only enslave yourself to failure when you get comfort in the phrase “I Tried”.

You Jump

How do you trust a path you’ve walked along so many times before?

How do you reach to go inside in hopes that there’s an open door?

How do you climb when odds of falling are too great to be ignored?

How do you believe that faith is all your spirit needs to make you soar?

You Jump…and know that Love is there to catch you way up high

You Jump…and believe your strengths will be the wings to make you fly

If you’ve learned from what went wrong, don’t sit in defeat for long

Let wisdom guide the vision inside

Let faith be your stride and keep your focus on the prize

Don’t let the fear of the leap separate you from your destiny

Don’t hesitate to try again, although life has no guarantees

Except the truth that you’ll regret every chance you don’t try

You’re fear of heights will keep you grounded, but if you jump…you just might fly.



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