What Hummingbirds Say

Hummingbirds Fight for Territory

Photo: http://sicklesmarket.blogspot.com/2013/05/the-hummers-have-arrived.html

I want to be able to fly like a hummingbird. Able to stop or back up when I need to and still remain elevated. Able to fly with so much energy that you can feel my excitement for life. Able to drink from the fountain and get back on the mission without missing a beat. 

Small in the world but grand in appearance – when all is done, I want to fly like a hummingbird.   JJ2017

Settling in Georgia for the time that has been chosen for me, I put my customary garden on the patio. This time the decor included a hummingbird feeder. Anyone that follows my posts knows why I love hummingbirds. Placing it outside, though, was a move to inspire me. I didn’t really know how common hummingbirds were for this area, but it felt like the feeder should be there.

For quite a while it just hung there lonely. After a month or so had passed I assumed that this just wasn’t the place for it. But I still felt like it should be there so I kept it fresh and continued with my business.  Then one day, it was there drinking. I didn’t see it again for a while but is more inspired to be prepared for it I kept the feeder full and fresh. It started coming more often and then I learned something that I never knew before. I learned first had the sound of a hummingbird. I assumed that they made a noise but they are always moving so fast I’d never heard one. It’s hard to believe that anyone other than professional bird watchers have heard them. Not only did it make a sound, it has a voice. It chirps loudly and I’ll come to the patio door to watch it have its breakfast. I’ve watched it fly and drink for some long periods of time. It’ll make a few more chirps and then fly away. A few times, the loudness has even been disturbing but I am so glad to hear it. It is also a little territorial. lately, a few other hummingbirds have tried to drink from its supply, but it aggressively chases them away. I find that funny because I’ve always seen multiple hummingbirds use a feeder.

This bird has learned me, the pattern for fresh food, and the power of communicating and owning its blessing. This hummingbird has taught me a lot about myself and Positive FACE. The first lesson was to be comfortable going with the vision or “gut feeling”. Even though I didn’t see the impact, my dedication to following through added to the life of another living being. I have to keep pushing a fulfill the dream. You may not know what to expect, but be ready for it and know what it looks like.

I also learned that being small, whether that physical statue or in the community, it doesn’t limit your ability to have a voice. And even when you’re small your voice can be loud and clear.

Another lesson I’ve learned it to be present. I’ve always known hummingbirds to move fast and seemingly not let humans get too close. This one seems to come more when I’m out there, communicating in the way that it can. While the elusiveness is intriguing enough to capture attention, it has been more interesting getting to see its colors, sounds, and skills. Copy that! ‘

Last important thing is to take ownership of the blessings that come your way.  It never seems like my hummingbird is “fighting” other birds that come around, but it definitely gets the message across that “this is for me”. None of the other get to drink. It obviously stays close enough to keep it safe. If another hummingbird comes it quickly swoops in and drives it away. The message that I take from that is to use the gifts that were given to you. Protect your gifts because others will use them in favors, needs, and “would you minds”. By the time you’re done sharing your talents you have nothing left to fortify yourself and your vision.

My hummingbird keeps popping in and the chirping is getting louder as I write this. I think the message now is that I promised my schedule that Sundays were for rest only.

Shadow Hummingbird



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