POSITIVE FACE blog is my story.  It includes the reflections of a child that didn’t know if tomorrow would ever include times without pain. A teenager that didn’t know if tomorrow was worth living to see. A young woman that began to learn the value of tomorrows. A WOMAN who learned that because tomorrow isn’t promised…you have to make the best of TODAY! 

I love the music of poetry. I love the promise that exists in a peaceful world. I am an activist and a pacifist. I worship GOD and celebrate spirituality. I appreciate the simple and complex in life  – That is how I define ME.

The Positive FACE Blog will take you by the hand to walk you through the understanding of what is means to be inspired, become victorious, and live in joy every day of your life.

The Positive FACE Blog is the pulse of Positive FACE, a developing nonprofit organization.  The objectives of Positive FACE will be achieved through Social, Emotional, and Academic Components.  The program will be an early childhood, long-term preventative behavioral in practice, and developed to address the personal needs for children referred to the organization.  The professionally designed intake assessment will identify the child’s unique strengths, interests, and support needs.  Based on the assessment, the core program will be tailored to direct the participants to a positive path toward successful adulthood.




Did you get something Positive out of this?

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