Along the Journey to Me

In the most critical time of your life, a few defining things will happen.

Someone or something will be born and die.  Yes, both will happen – a birth and a death.

A great love will be lost and one will be gained.

You will question God, and if you are listening you will get the answer.

And, if you are honest with yourself, you’ll realize that you’ve had the answer all along.

Then the most critical thing that will happen is that you will find yourself.

You’ll appreciate the bad times and decisions for the building blocks that they are; and you’ll celebrate the good times and decisions for the foundation that you’ll see on that day.

You will fall in LOVE, with YOU.

Your dream will become a clear project plan and you will know your purpose.

The things that you once valued will have little worth if they aren’t critical to your path, and it’ll be okay.

In the most critical year of your life, you’ll know.


Did you get something Positive out of this?

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