I want to go higher.

 I want to be in that special place where my vision is so clear

That I can see right…into…the heart…of God

 I want to be surrounded by the questers!

Those who are focused only on the complete pursuit of truth.

 Ah, and truth.  I want truth to challenge my beliefs…constantly

Until my beliefs are a direct reflection of that fruit of life

Not forgetting love.  I want love to fill me until I am love.

That all I do, all I can be, and all I see is of love.

That most precious gift, and with it nothing fails.

 I want to be an instrument, to be used as by my unique design.

A vessel to hold and protect all that I could

A light to lead all that I would

So that He will say, “Well  Done”.



Did you get something Positive out of this?

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