Social Media

He stated “the police said the suspect committed suicide, hands cuffed behind his back”

It was in the Officer’s Report, so of course the Medical Examiner will agree with that

Strange, it came back different, showed he was shot in the chest

And the remarks from the people said, I look forward to the ‘stories’ that will come next.

And I say, why wait…look forward to…or in any way just stand by…why?

Are we just looking forward to the night that another mother and father will cry?

With the way we’re planting young black men, you’d think it would be time for the harvest

Won’t do much, hoping, maybe if we “good ones” they’ll know that we are harmless

Has that ever worked in this land? Don’t get me wrong, I really understand

You just want to live at peace in a place where we can all stand hand in hand.

Every Man deserves respect and must feel strong in his world

Every Women needs to be honored and not reduced to bitch or girl

Social media has made the world so small, we see so much and then close our eyes

Celebrating the ridiculous lies as truth, and rejecting the facts and truth as lies

One racist commenter said, those grieving parents should have taught him right from wrong

Buy in Sandy Hook or Columbine, did that hateful man sing the same song?

No, I’m not suggesting we ignore criminal action or that accountability should die

Just want the protection that everyone to live to see their trial, could we give that a try?

Everyone can’t become Huey or Angela, the King’s or Shabazz’s

But what I am saying is, everyone can get off their asses.

We all live in this America and racist won’t fade away and we all want peace at the end of the day

We want to be heard and to be understood, we want what’s fair and deserve what’s good

Instead of Facebook, Twitter, IG and the Vine, the revolution must start in our hearts and mind.


Did you get something Positive out of this?

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